The Vancouver Caesar Cocktail Challenge Runs Through April 5th

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Bloody mary drinkVancouverites are out celebrating a drink that’s as Canadian as it gets, the almighty Caesar!

This nationally-known drink takes its roots from Calgary restaurateur Walter Chell who created the drink in 1969 to celebrate the opening of a new restaurant. Now, you’ll find it made in homes and bars across the country.

If you find yourself in Vancouver on or before April 5th, why not try one of the 11 variations at participating bars and restaurants in Vancouver Caesar Cocktail Challenge?

Participating Caesars:

Earls Signature Caesar @ Earls in Yaletown and Earls Test Kitchen
The Caesar Gonzalez @ CAVU Kitchen Bar
Showboat Caesar @ The Boathouse Restaurants
Out, Damned Spot @ The Belmont Bar
West Coast Salmon Gin Caesar @ Pinnacle Pier Hotel
The Otebb Caesar @ 12 Kings Pub & Grill
West Coast Fixer @ Milestones Grill & Bar in Yaletown and on Robson
B&C Craft Caesar @ Stateside Craft
The Kuno Caesar @ American Grille
U&I Thai Caesar @ U & I Thai
The 7th Exit @ Salida 7

Full cocktail descriptions, pricing and challenge details can be found over on