The Sea Was Dark & Stormy That Day, My Friends

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The Dark & Stormy from Calabash Bistro in Vancouver.

The Dark & Stormy from Calabash Bistro in Vancouver.

The Dark & Stormy. It sounds like it should be rumbly, tumbly, a drink full of mystery and furry. When in fact, it’s a simple hiball. Rum. Ginger beer. Done. You can add a bit of lime if you want, but that’s a North American thing. You won’t catch any Jamaicans with lime in their D&S.
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Or just hop a plane to Vancouver and visit Calabash Bistro for it’s fancified Dark & Stormy. Holy hannah! It was the prettiest D&S I’ve ever tasted. Ginger infused Goslings Black Seal (Tip: If it doesn’t contain Goslings Black Seal it’s technically not a D&S. There’s a pretty heavy trademark going on there!), homemade ginger beer, Angostura bitters, house made ginger syrup. I’ve made ginger simple syrup before. I’m going to need to try this at home!

Dark & Stormy Drink Making Tips:

  • Make sure you’ve got yourself a good ginger beer, not a ginger ale. Ginger beer comes with the bite you’ll need.
  • Suggested brands: My fave, Fentimans Ginger Beer. Do it! Though you won’t go wrong with Goya or Saranac either.
  • For variations, try adding Chambord and condensed milk (we all know I’m such a fan!)

Have you tried any variations of your own? Tell me about them below! If I like it, I may just feature your recipe in a future post!