Summertime Hosting: Caipiroskas with Belvedere Vodka

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The evenings are warm, our BBQs are fired up and summer patio season is in full swing. This week, we’re upping your home bar game with the perfect backyard patio refresher – a fruit capiroska.

Belvedere Vodka has released a 1.14L bottle in the Canadian market – the perfect hosting size for your summer get-togethers.

This cocktail is a charming cousin to the caipirinha, a drink originating in Brazil and made with their national spirit, cachaça. Replace the cachaça with vodka and voila! Your caipiroska is born.

Because the caipiroska is heavy on the vodka, be picky on the vodka you choose. Ideally, something with a flavour of its own and a nice mouth feel – think a vodka you would use in a martini, either a luxury brand like Belvedere Vodka or your favourite small-batch craft vodka.

Belvedere Vodka has released a 1.14L bottle in the Canadian market (nearly 400 mL more than a regular bottle), which means more caipiroskas for you and your guests! The vodka itself has hints of vanilla, pepper and almond and has that smooth texture we are looking for in this cocktail.

The traditional caipiroska uses only lime wedges. We have experimented with a few different fruit combinations in our summer classes. So far, the winners are the raspberry mint and blackberry basil, featured below.

Are you ready to mix and mingle? Let’s grab our muddlers and cocktail!


2 oz Belvedere Vodka
3-5 blackberries or raspberries
3-4 mint or basil leaves
1/4 of a lime, cut into wedges
1 barspoon sugar

Muddle lime wedges, berries and sugar together in a rocks glass.
Fill with 1/2 ice.
Add vodka and stir slightly.
Bruise mint or basil leaves and add to glass.
Top with more ice.
Garnish with berry and herb of choice

Tip: If it’s a bit too vodka forward for you, you can use a 0.5-1 oz less of vodka and top with a splash of soda instead or let the ice melt for a few moments and give the drink another stir before serving.

Download a printable copy of the recipe.