Bartending isn’t just a spectator sport! Invite your friends over for craft cocktail goodness made by YOU!

Here at Spirit of the Wench, we specialize in more than just drink mixing. With a decade of event planning experience, we can help you take your nights in to the next level. From High Tea Cocktails to Top Shelf Poker Night, staying in has never been so delicious!

Download and follow our step-by-step drink packages. Easy to implement, you’ll have your friends saying, “Mmm! What’d you put in this?!”

Don’t have time to put together a party? Have the planners at Spirit of the Wench put it together for you! No fuss, no worries. Give us a call, we’d be more than happy to plan your next at-home event.

High Tea Cocktail Party

Don your Sunday best, it’s High Tea… cocktails! Sophisticated drinks that pack a flavour punch, tea-based cocktails are a fantastic way to taste your way through some serious flavour infusions.


Top Shelf Poker Night

Break out the good glassware, these drinks will stand for no less. It’s that next level sh*t with these powerful flavours that’ll fool anyone into believing you’re a true high-roller.


Game On Board Games

Settlers unite! A good spirit livens up almost any mix, or any board game. From gin to bourbon, we’ve put together a list of libations fit for any player.