Celebrate World Gin Day With Canadian-made Gin

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OS-WallflowerGinGin may be of Dutch origins, but it’s a well loved spirit in countries across the world. With a growing list of microdistilleries in our own backyards, you’ve got your pick of Canadian-made gins to celebrate with! This year, World Gin Day is on Saturday, June 13. Why not support your local distillery by picking up a bottle?

Canadian Craft Gin:

British Columbia






New Brunswick



If you were counting along with us, that’s 40 different gins coming from local Canadian distilleries. Did we miss any?

About World Gin Day:

Founded by ginthusiast Yet Another Gin, and currently run by UK blogger and all round gin soak Gin Monkey, World Gin Day is a celebration of all things gin, giving us a legitimate excuse (not that we need one) to mix up a cocktail and learn about all of the exceptional gins that are currently on the market.

More details available at worldginday.com.